How we work?

We in our work combine the Swiss quality of writing music and knowledge of the local listener of base music. In order to provide the best production for you, our work is based on three key principles - analysis, patience and approach.

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We are trying to make music as relevant as possible to the needs of various people, including people with hearing impairments.


What can we do for you?

The transfer of our thoughts occurs through three key forms - music, video and art.

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Top notch quality is our aim

We make everything dependent on us so that each track corresponds to the maximum sound quality. Not forgetting the principles of production, we observe the balance between these variables.
We are the leader. We contribute to the development of breakbeat culture and the electronic scene in Russia. We define standards and a vector of electronic music development and we are in the forefront of positive transformations, changing the world for the better.

Covered Areas

  • Sound Design
  • VEE-JAY-ing
  • Art
  • Life Perfomance

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